Teaching the resource

  • The teacher and students work from a
    digital version of the text on an interactive whiteboard.
  • The teacher uses a shared reading approach and ‘think aloud’ to model and make explicit the process of using the strategy for the students.

  • The teacher starts the lesson by working on the interactive whiteboard, sharing the reading of the text,
    and modeling thinking aloud.
  • With a partner, students then work from their large format Working with a partner cards.

Digital version being used on an interactive whiteboard.Large format Working with a partner card.

  • When students have mastered the strategy, they work individually on one of the three
    Independent practice cards.
  • Texts on the cards are provided at three levels of difficulty to cater for individual differences.

Questions and instructions to support the students in applying the strategy at specific points in the text.

Teachers select easy, on-level, and advanced texts according to the number of stripes on the cards. Vocabulary explanations are located on the back of each card.